Don’t be guilty about “guilty pleasures”

Everyone has things they enjoy doing and like that they’re afraid to tell their friends – guilty pleasures. We’re afraid that when others find out they’ll judge us, not like us, and not want to associate with us anymore. Especially when they’re coworkers or people you need to look and act “professional” around.

However, letting people know about your guilty pleasures and being proud of them can be freeing. Here are some things I like that could be considered guilty pleasures but I’ve let people know about…. some of them quite passionately:

  • 90s pop music – Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Aaron Carter… I love em’ all! In fact, my favourite music group of all time is BSB
  • Cosplaying as the Green Power Ranger
  • Chick flicks and drama filled TV shows like Gossip Girl
  • Dancing around in my room when a hot track comes on
  • Cartoons! E.g. Avatar The Last Airbender, Young Justice

See? That didn’t hurt so much.

I didn’t lose any friends or respect from coworkers putting it out there. If anything, doing it will make people respect you more for being able to express yourself freely.

You’ll notice a side-effect of this, when you start opening up, you’ll realize tons of other people have the same guilty pleasures and you’ll enable them to open up too! I don’t know how many times I’ve been somewhere where they’re playing Top 40 music and no one dares change it, but when I switch on some “Backstreet’s Back” everyone will say “Yes! This is the best!!!!!”

We, humans, generally overestimate how much others judge us for the things we do. Just be yourself and be proud. If people don’t like you because of any of these things you like or enjoy doing, then you probably shouldn’t be hanging out with these superficial and shallow people anyway.

Go tell your friends or post on social media today something you like that you’ve never told anyone! 🙂

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