Getting Uncomfortable: Backcountry Camping (Portage Trip!)

Camping is the best way for city slickers like me to disconnect for a bit and enjoy the great outdoors... so I can realize sleeping in a tent sucks and I can gain an appreciation for my bed 🙂 Jokes aside, it's a fun experience where you not only get to enjoy nature but challenge … Continue reading Getting Uncomfortable: Backcountry Camping (Portage Trip!)

Don’t be guilty about “guilty pleasures”

Everyone has things they enjoy doing and like that they're afraid to tell their friends - guilty pleasures. We're afraid that when others find out they'll judge us, not like us, and not want to associate with us anymore. Especially when they're coworkers or people you need to look and act "professional" around. However, letting … Continue reading Don’t be guilty about “guilty pleasures”